We ensure that every single piece is finished to the highest standard, and welcome you to be a part if the creative process by selecting high quality gemestones from all around the world that also prevents the flow of conflict diamonds and gemstones.

When you buy a diamond ring from Rosé Rosá, you can rest assured you’re getting the absolute best. All of our diamonds come with a diamond granding report from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a leading independent authority on quality.


Pick the size and the cut of the perfect gem for the perfect ring. All of our rings have unlimited warranty and cleaning services, as well as a Rosé Rosá certificate.


Clarity is the best way to identify a diamond and help determine the value. Much like our own fingerprint, diamonds hold unique markings as well, which help distinguish natural diamonds from synthethic and/or simluated stones. Technology has advanced so far inthe past few years, it is virtually impossible for anyone without the right equipment and a trained eye to identify.


The majority of diamonds that are mined have a faint yellow or brown body color, which is considered the normal color range. Rarer, fine material, graded as D, E or F, are considered colorless, therefore considered purer material. In extremely rare diamonds, virtually any color of the rainbow can be portrayed, which are considered part of the «Fancy» color group.


Cut is the most vital aspect in determine if the value of a diamond. It is the precision and delicacy of the diamond will refract and reflect back to the eye. Every angle of a diamond must be considered in order to accurately determined the quality of the cut. The better the cut, the greater its brilliance, sparkle and fire will be.


Carat weight is the easiest and most concrete of the 4 C’s to understand. Historically derived from the Carob seed, which was used by Greek and Roman Merchants in early times because of the consistency in its weight, it was used to measure precious items and valuables. Today, the Carat is used as a measurable unit of weight for Gemestones and Diamonds. There are 100 points equal to a I Carat diamond (0.20 grams.)